QIAGEN PyroMark® Q24 Technology

PyroMark® Methylation Assay (QIAGEN)

  • Custom assays with user-defined content
  • Supports a variety of formats, probes, and species
  • Analysis of methylated regions (CpG) up to 120 bases in length
  • 24 reactions processing scale

The PyroMark® system (PyroMark® Q24) uses pyrosequencing on sodium bisulfite treated genomic DNA for sequence-based analysis and quantification of methylated sites (CpG). This is a highly accurate method for obtaining the methylation ratios of specific sites.

QIAGEN's website can be visited for more details about this PyroMark® system.

Available Products

Only custom assays are available. The design of custom assays is realized solely by our personnel.

Information and Service Request

The Client Management Office can be contacted for more information and for service request.