SYBR® Green I Dye Technology

The SYBR Green I dye chemistry uses a dye to detect polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products by binding to double-stranded DNA formed during PCR. Here's how it works:

Step Process
  • When SYBR® Green I dye is added to a sample, it immediately binds to all double-stranded DNA present in the sample.
  • During the PCR, the Taq DNA Polymerase amplifies the target sequence, which creates the PCR products, or "amplicons".
  • The SYBR® Green I dye then binds to each new copy of double-stranded DNA.
  • As the PCR progresses, more amplicons are created. Since the SYBR® Green I dye binds to all double-stranded DNA, the result is an increase in fluorescence intensity proportionate to the amount of PCR product produced.

To learn more about SYBR®Green technology visit the Applied Biosystems web site.